Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Note (1): No committed time frame.
Note (2): I am still adding requests that I received in the past 2 months. If your request doesn't appear here it doesn't mean it's not on the list
Note (3): In no particular order

stephen: the onion
me: fix taiwan apple news
me: china times
me: sankei news topics
Mohamed: backup list of subscribed feeds to SD card
Jackie: e-mail articles
Jordan: option to display white text on black background
Daniel: support Slashdot
Danny: CNET
Erie: Podcast support and Google Reader sync
Juanona: Daily Republic, Times Herald
Spitfire: change that daft logo
Molly: display 5 article titles under each feed
Luke, marc: MSNBC
jakeD: notification of feeds, keywords for quick access
Dusty: Reuters
daniel: motorcycle reader
tarcie: boston
mimi: UK mainstream media like Guardian, Independent
Matthew: miami herald
ChicagoReader: Tribute, Suntimes
billy: local news
Mine! why mine!: lifehacker
CK: more taiwanese news like UDN and chinatimes
Robert: seattle times
rachael: more US newspapers and a search feature
Android:,, entertainment news
Brian, Natasha: google news
++N++: yao lotsa languages
Robert: First
cutris: first?

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