Friday, February 20, 2009

The Grand Vision

OK, here's what I want NubiNews to become. Note that I am doing this as a hobby, so no committed dates.

  • Pages should load quickly.
  • No junks in the pages. People want to read information. No one is interested in the nice colors/BG image/music/design etc crap of your page.
  • Ads are not evil. If Content Provides include mobile-friendly ads (e.g., one 320x48 banner, or text ad taking rougly the same space), I will leave them in. However, desktop-styles ads will be mercilessly cut.
  • I hope to make this a community supported project (similar to greasemonkey). The first step would be releasing a script SDK for people to parse their favorite web sites, and contribute back to be included in NubiNews builds.
  • In the long run, NubiNews will be able to subscribe to scripts hosted on the internet, so there will be no need to constantly pull new releases from Android Market. This will also save me time from making new releases.
  • In the spirit of openness (and the fact that I don't want to run a server, although such an enterprise may gather me some ad dollars), NubiNews will support multiple sources of scripts.
  • However, before 3rd party downloadable scripts are supported, we need to have a proper security system to prevent phishing, identity threfts, etc.
If you're interested in participating, please send me mail

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