Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Public Screen Shots

NubiNews is a news reader for the Android platform. It optimizes news articles from popular sources (such as YahooNews, Gizmodo) of various languages (English, Chinese and Japanese) for easy and quick viewing on your Android phone.

Articles can typically load 2x to 5x faster than the original web page. Also, the articles are formatted to remove horizontal scrolling so that they can be navigated easily.

NubiNews will be available from Android Market and SourceForge shortly. It will be released as open source under Apache 2 license.

Home Screen

Yahoo RSS Feed Index

Yahoo Top New Article Index

Yahoo News article. Note the in-line image (and lack of ads)

Gizmodo news article

Image zooming (a la iPhone) stage 1

Image zooming (2)

Image zooming (portrait - maximized)

Image zooming (auto-rotate to landscape mode for better viewing)

Chinese news article (

Chinese forum (article index)

Chinese forum (article view)

Japanese news (

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