Thursday, January 21, 2010

People wake up

Here's a response to the "NubiNews falls victim to political pressure" comments in Android Market.

Not everything is about politics. We stopped distributing HK/Taiwan/US news because an HK publisher threatened to sue us. We have too little money and too little time to fight them in court.

Most non-mainland-China sites were already blocked by the Chinese firewall. There was no point for the Chinese government to take on NubiNews, as NubiNews does not have any firewall-breaking capability. Plus, NubiNews developers all live outside of China so we don't really care what the Chinese government thinks.

So here it goes. If you need to find someone to hate in this incident, pick the lawyers.

It's time to stop being too simple, sometimes naive.

P.S., we are working on a solution to separate (a) NubiNews the reader app, and (b) the contents. This will allow 3rd party developers to post their favorite sites onto NubiNews. Hopefully this will be done in a few weeks. In the mean time, please be patient and feel free to explore other wonderful readers out there :-)


  1. wtf, this is suck, please distribute nubinews in english in the android market. i couldnt be more upset, theres no app close to the ease and awesomeness that is nubinews. either create a clone news app and rename it or figure out something, i really need my news....

  2. Don't worry, it's being figured out .... please be patient

  3. I have been very patient about not having nubinews since early January but come on guys like wats goin on? Wears in March now and still nothing ..... at first I thought I was just gona wait for an update so that it will run on my nexus s but that doesn't seem the case ... I made the upgrade from my g1 and I had it on my g1 but the same day I got my nexus I couldn't find it at all ...... if I would have known that I wouldn't have hard reset the phone but its whatever now .... how much longer do I have to wait for it to be available for version 2.3 ......come on guys I haven't found another news site like yours get it back asap